Prepare for a Marathon Job Search

Job searches are not sprints.  They are marathons.  If you think you can get a new job in a few weeks, that is great, but you need to prepare for a long haul.  So what can you do to keep motivated and focused?

SET A SCHEDULE – Plan your day so that you get enough sleep, exercise and eat right.  Set up time in the morning to make calls to your target companies, answers ads, talk with prospective employers.  Set aside time in the afternoons for networking meetings, informational meetings, coffee chats and interviews.

WRITE A PLAN – Create a targeted marketing plan that outlines your specific job targets, names of companies, associations, foundations, or universities where you would like to work.  Make a list of your network and keep track of who you contact and when and the names of the people they introduce you to.

EXPAND YOUR NETWORK – Keep growing your network by joining your alumni association, joining a professional organization or association and get involved with a committee or project, volunteer for a cause you are passionate about, or with a non-profit that can use your skill set.

FIND A BUDDY – Find someone else through your friends and network who is in the same situation or who can be good listener –someone you can check in with once a week. How are you doing, what did you do last week?  What are you doing this week?  Share tips, tactics, and strategies.

GET A COACH – If you wanted to build your strength you might go with a trainer, if you wanted to build a skill you might take private lessons.  With a job search you might want to get a career coach, someone with the expertise to help you focus on your job search, keep you motivated and accountable.

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