Tips for Staying Motivated During Your Job Search

You have heard me say this before. A job search is a marathon, not a sprint. So, if it is taking you longer than you expected and you are getting anxious, unmotivated and just plain stuck, try some new things to get you unstuck.

If you are not working, your job search is your job. You should be spending at least 35 hours doing research, making phone calls, taking meetings, following up with your network and meeting new people.

1.      Try taking a part-time job – seasonal jobs like sales clerk, lawn moving, leaf raking; taxi cab driving are all available – not what you expected. They can all give you a little extra cash while you continue to find your perfect job.

2.      Expand your search to a different geographic area, a different industry or even a different job title that uses your skills. Often your skills are transferable to a different industry. Try non-profits if you are from the for-profit world.

3.      Build your network. If you are running out of contacts, how do you make new ones? Try going to a Chamber of Commerce meeting, an association meeting, your alumni group, a professional society activity, a meet-up group.  Join a group that shares your interests outside of work: bowling, tennis, mah jong, bridge, knitting, acting, painting, or reading, just to name a few.

4.      Learn new skills – take a course live or online. There are inexpensive courses at community colleges or your local high school. Your local public library has programs on internet research, technology, and careers.

5.      Be flexible in your salary requirements. You may need to take a job for less money than you want or less money than you think you are worth, even if it is the same title you had before. Maybe you take a job with a lesser title as long as it is interesting and challenging.

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